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 About Jessie 



presents life through images and films

Personal connection, social causes, and the human capacity for empathy guide the storytelling of up-and-coming young filmmaker Jessie Xie. Born in Guiyang, China, and lived in Long Island, NY, she holds a B.S. in Film and TV Production and a minor in Business Administration and Management from Boston University. She is currently pursuing an M.S. in Media Ventures at Boston University, exploring the intersection of media, technology, entrepreneurship, and content.

Outside of school,  Jessie has an earnest interest in photography, where she can share her joy with others and show them the world she sees through her lens. She also enjoys playing various sports such as tennis, sailing, bouldering, running, cycling, and swimming. She is also a co-founder of an educational technology company called SportEdge.


Jessie loves

- Dogs

- Photography
- Films
- Traveling
- Cooking

- Sailing
- Snowboarding
- Hot Yoga

- Listening to your stories
- Waiting for sunrise and sunset
- Driving different kinds of car
- Oil Painting

- Chicken Wings
- Wine
- Kombucha



Say Hey

Jessie believes that there are magnetic forces between everything. Two strangers bump into each other with no signs. Maybe they'd only meet once in their lifetime. If the force is strong enough, they'd become co-workers, mentors, friends, couples, family, etc., creating memories in each other's life. She enjoys capturing those moments in life: living beings that caught her attention on the street, scenic views full of splendors, or a gripping story that made her weep...

Jessie uses this minimalist space to present those ordinary sights to you and to share the moments that bumped into my life. If you'd like to "bump" into Jessie's life, send her a message below.


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